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What's an E Group? Ok, well, that depends.  Great start, huh.  In general an E Group (short for Epiphany Small Group) is 6-12 people who get together regularly to study the Bible and pray together and for each other.  E Groups get invovled in service projects, social outings, retreats and other fun stuff.   

Why should I be in E Group?  In every other area of life we team up with others to get our goals accomplished.  That's how a great sports team works, it's how your office functions, it's why we have investing clubs and scrapbooking clubs.  Well, we want to grow in faith.  We want to know God better and live more fully!  And the best way to do that is to team up with others who have the same goals.

What kinds of E Groups do you have?  We have some that are just for women, some that are just for men, some for couples, some on Sunday mornings, some that meet for a short term and others that meet together year after year.  We have some that meet to do work projects and others that meet over a card game! 

How can I get involved?  While some of our groups are full, many are holding a spot open for you right now.  And we are regularly starting new groups.  Below is listing of all of our current E Groups.  Each card has a description as well as contact information to help you get involved!

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