How Do I Join Epiphany

If you have found a faith home at Epiphany and want to join with us in our mission, then our New Member Course is for you.  Hopefully this page will help answer a few of your questions.

How long is the New Member Course?  The New Member Course is a set of four classes each lasting an hour.  These are typically held on Wednesday evenings as part of our Pause line up and child care is provided. 

Why do you hold classes?  Epiphany is a big place.  We hope that these small group events will help you navigate into ministries, answer questions you have about our church and give us a chance to get to know you!

If I am coming from another Lutheran church do I need to take the course?  Yes.  We ask that everyone joining Epiphany participate in this course.  Our goal in the class is not to make you Lutherans, we want to help you navigate the uniquenesses of our congregation and get to know you in a smaller setting.

How often are these courses held?  We typically hold the New Member Course 2-3 times each year. 

Can anyone join?  Yes.  If you are a baptized Christian (or interested in declaring your faith and becoming baptized), we would love to welcome you to our family of faith. 

Want to find out more about our course?  Simply email us your questions.

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