Serve with our Heart

"So it is with you.  Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, 
try to excel in gifts that build up the church."

1 Corinthians 14:12

Serving takes place inside the walls of the church too.   The church is here to equip people for ministry.  That takes leadership!  That takes you.

But where should you serve?  What would be life giving, fun and meaninful for you?  Are you good at teaching?  Do you like behind the scenes work?  Are you gifted in administration or are an artist?  Are you passionate about worship or is your idea of fun planning and throwing a party? 

Good minsitry starts when God's people use what they are good at and what they are passionate about to bring others along in faith. 

  • But how do you know what you are good at?  How can you learn more about what kinds of ministry might bring you meaning.  Take the Spiritual Gifts inventory listed below and check out where your answers fit in ministry with the Summary of Spiritual Gifts sheet.
  • We have tried to list and organize a majority of our Ministry Opportunities so you can see what areas interest you.  By printing out and turning in the form listed below, we would be thrilled to help you find an area of ministry that is meaningful to you and useful for building up the church.
Ministry Opportunities.pdf149.31 KB
Spiritual Gifts Inventory.pdf506.9 KB
Summary of Spiritual Gifts.pdf109.31 KB

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