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Epiphany Lutheran Preschool
Heidi Stover, Preschool Director
Open House!  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 6:00p.m. (for new or returning families)
40 Years Sharing God's Love!

Each day brings a new and exciting experience for your child at Epiphany Lutheran Preschool!!

Our preschool teachers are committed to discovering your child’s interests and talents, while providing unique activities to develop the social and cognitive skills necessary for kindergarten.

We use the HighScope curriculum in our classes. Highscope is based on 58 key developmental indicators and aligns with the Ohio Early Learning Standards. The curriculum focuses on all domains of child development and is organized in 8 key areas: Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development and Health; Language, Literacy, and Communication; Mathematics; Creative Arts; Science and Technology; and Social Studies.

Daily activities are both child and teacher-directed based on the key developmental indicators and the child's interests. They are supported in each area of the child's day during the Daily Message and Planning, Work Time and Recall, Small Groups, Snack, Story Time, and Large Group Time.   Music plays in the background during work time, where the children are each encouraged to experiment and try new things at their own pace. The children learn responsibility through performing assigned jobs, and learn cooperation through play and learning to take turns.

Children learn of God's love through the teachers, monthly chapel times, daily blessings, songs and stories. Each month a new Bible story and Bible verse is shared with the children.

We enjoy a wonderful reputation in the community due to our longevity (over 40 years as a preschool ministry) and the dedication of our caring staff.  Let our family be the first to welcome your family to this new and exciting time of preschool education!

Our Mission Statement:  To inspire children’s natural curiosity to learn through discovery and play in a loving, Christian environment.

 The goals of Epiphany Preschool are to:  

• Encourage individual participation by each child. 

Recognize the importance of balanced growth and provide opportunities for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

•Provide alternating times of active and quiet play for children in groups and by themselves.

• Create a variety of learning experiences for children using their five senses involving exploration and discovery through developmentally appropriate practices, following the HighScope Curriculum, and the Ohio Early Learning Standards.

• Nurture a loving, caring environment for children to experience a healthy separation from home with positive adult interactions and opportunities to be with children in a similar age group.

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