Church Council

Council? What is a Church Council? Good question! For Epiphany, these are our leaders. They provide direction for our congregation. Spritual direction, vision and wisdom in our decisions, financial accountablility and prayer support are just a few of their tasks. Each position is elected by the congregation, each has term limits to rotate in new leadership and none of these leaders are part of the paid staff of Epiphany. They bring with them the talents of their profesional life, the joy of their spiritual life and a unique perspective from their family life. Our leaders in 2016 are:

President                                Lynn Chrisman
Vice President                      Craig Werner
Secretary                                Darlene Bell
Financial Secretary              Bill Smith
Treasurer                               Greg Rich
Budget and Finance            Kim Merriman
Christian Education             Beth Klamo Congregational Life             Margie Maurer
Preschool                               Cindy Mansfield
Property Management          Bill Merriman
Evangelism                            Lindsay Harmon-Matthews
Social Services                      Sue Bauchmoyer
Stewardship                           Charlie Cline
Worship & Music                   Tonya Brown
Youth                                        Scott Gardner
If you would like to find out what our council is discussing on a monthly basis, you can open council minutes from the past 6 months.
2017 June Council Minutes.pdf240.66 KB
2017 May Council Minutes Amended.pdf297.17 KB
2017 April Council Minutes.pdf356.04 KB
2017 March Coundil Minutes.pdf279.42 KB
Special Congregational Meeting 02-12-17 to Call Pastor Gee.pdf157.1 KB
2017 February Council Minutes.pdf297.47 KB
Council Minutes Special Meeting 01-25-17.pdf126.52 KB
Council Minutes Special Meeting 01-21-17.pdf138.17 KB
2017 January Council Minutes.pdf260.13 KB
2016 Annual Congregational Meeting 12-11-16.pdf131.95 KB

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