What is Confirmation? Great question.  At it's deepest level it is kids saying YES to Jesus as their Lord.  They are confirming before the congregation and before God that this is their faith!

Who is Confirmation for? At Epiphany we have a two year program designed for our 7th and 8th graders to go deeper in faith.

When are Confirmation Classes?  Well, to be honest, confirmation involves three things at Epiphany

  1. Monthly Events- we meet the second Sunday of each month (October through April) from 4-8PM.  The evening includes a meal together, small group time, "Tim Time" and large group games, activities and more.
  2. Sunday school/worship- we expect kids to be in Sunday school and worship regularly.  How else do learn what we believe?  These are the best ways we know.  We require at least 10 worship notes so that we can have intelligent conversations about how and why we worship the way we do.  We also require that you serve as an acolyte in worship during your two years in confirmation as a way of learning more about how we worship.
  3. Retreats- we have a fall retreat for both 7th and 8th graders to kick off the confirmation year.  Then in 8th grade we have a winter retreat as well.

But is it fun?  You bet!  We have high school juniors and seniors serving as helpers in confirmation because they loved the experience and want to help others grow in faith.  We have adult team members who went through confirmation at Epiphany and appreciated it so much that after returning to the community they wanted to returned as a team leader to give back to the ministry that meant so much to them. 

How can I learn more?  Each August we have a parent information meeting to sign kids up, hand out our scheduele for the year and provide parents with our understanding of what confirmation means.  If you have further questions about our program or how you might fit in, feel free to email or call Jeff Mitchell our Minister of Christian Education (church phone: 614-837-2826).

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