7th-8th Grade

It's a group thing, right?  Big groups of kids, lots of friends to choose from, a place to learn about faith where I don't have to stick out.  We get it.  Junior high can be a lot more fun to negotiate with a few friends who know you and with a few groups of adults who really care.  That's what we hope you find at Epiphany.  We will give you leadership roles in church, mission and service events to stretch you and lots of teaching and group activities to keep you headed in the right direction.

7th - 8th Grade Youth Group

Each month we have a new and exciting event to keep you learning and serving and meeting new friends.  You will love the trip to Cedar Point, progressive dinners, lock in's and Nerf Gun wars.  But you will also be surprised at how meaningful it is to serve at Lutheran Village or go caroling at Christmas.  Grab a friend and get here (you can find a description of this month's event at the bottom of the page).

Have a few questions?  Contact Ali Adams or Rita Crisman our 7th-8th Grade Youth Group Leader.


We have a really cool two year program designed just for 7th and 8th graders to teach them the basics of our Christian faith.  The goal is that at the end of their two years they will be ready to stand before the congregation and state their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  To learn more about our confirmation ministry click here.

Sunday School

During our 9:30 hour on Sunday morning we have a 7th Grade Class and and 8th Grade Class ready to welcome you any Sunday.  The hour is active and fun because we know you learn best by doing.  This is not going to be a lecture!  You will have the time and space to explore the Bible, ask questions, learn from each other, pray together and build the kind of friendships that make faith easier.  Join us!

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